Startup pitches to
VCs and angel investors

The challenge is how to explain a completely new concept to an impatient investor who is flooded with pitches and business plans every day. These presentations are a combination of bold, highly visual slides in the beginning to explain the problem (and the solution), and more conservative, consulting-style slides in the back to discuss the team, the milestones, and the financial projections.

Fortune 500
analyst presentations

These presentations focus on visualising a lot of financial data in such a way that the right messages pop out, which requires more than just copy-pasting data from the accounts. Especially for longer investor days, communicating the strategy of a large corporation is the second part of these presentations


VC/PE institutional
fundraising presentations

Venture capital and private equity funds need to raise money themselves, and the presentations they use often sound/look the same. First-time funds need to pitch their credibility, follow-on fund raises need to present their portfolio and track record.




These presentations are very short and need to be orchestrated carefully. The work here involves almost scripting a movie: an interesting story that does not necessarily cover all aspects of the business, the main objective is to excite the audience enough so they want to find out more

sales presentations

As a McKinsey consultant, I sat on the other side of the table evaluating RFPs (request for proposals). Especially in high-tech, many sales presentations use the same jargon. We help you pitch to large organisations with original language.


For larger audiences you cannot simply put up the slides from your sales presentation. It is almost impossible to gage audience feedback and adjust your pitch mid way. You need to get it right beforehand. We can help.