"Can you show me examples of your work?" is a very legitimate question. The problem is that most of the work I do is confidential: fund raising presentations, Board strategy documents. And even if the content is not confidential (analyst presentations), my clients prefer not to have material with outdated numbers and strategic content sitting on the Internet.

What I have done on this page is list a few presentations that give a sense for the presentation design style I use. What is harder to get across is the approach to story telling I use. However, if project discussions get serious, I can ask permission from specific clients to share some of my work with you.

This was my own introduction presentation, still under the "Idea Transplant" brand. The information included was updated in 2012.

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This presentation is the basis for what I present when I am invited to speak about presentation design. The design is targeted at large audiences with big, bold images.

Most of my work is confidential, so the presentations I can show here are ones that are in the public domain. I realise that you would not use impressionist paintings in serious Board presentations.

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This presentation was written in my presentation design app SlideMagic. It shows how muted colours, strict grid-based layouts and black and white images can create a professional look and feel of the presentation.

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This is a 6-minute startup pitch that I designed a number of years ago. My graphical style has moved on since then, but the story telling approach is still very up to date.

The challenge was to explain the technology and its potential in a very short time

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