A typical project starts with a 10 minute phone call, where we get to know each other. If we think there is a potential for a project that fits within the budget and timelines, we schedule a one hour briefing call where we go over your pitch in detail. Usually we discuss some sort of existing presentation via screen sharing software. But it is the audio track during this discussion that I find most important. The existing slides are the background for an intense question and answer discussion where I try to get my head around your specific pitch. We skip over things that are obvious, we dive deep into things that are not. After this call (which is free of charge), I am ready to submit a detailed and specific cost and time proposal.

I work in Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, or - if you are adventurous - I can design a presentation in my new presentation design app SlideMagic. 

A typical presentation design project takes a lapse time of 2-3 weeks. I say lapse time because I work on multiple projects in parallel, and believe that in order to let the creative process work, you need to put things to rest now and then. During this process we start from a completely blank sheet of paper. We do not do slide make over work. Early on, we do a quick confirmation of the look and feel, hopefully have a 70% draft ready in a week or so, and can iterate towards a final end product in 1-2 weeks after that (often taken into account feedback from trial pitches to friendly audiences).

The key question: what does it cost? Every project is different, and therefore it is hard for me to give a generic estimate. Let's discuss your specific situation and I can provide a quote.